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Anshul Dhar We have found myMRPlace to be transparent, resourceful and very efficient. You give them a brief, they will ask a few questions and come back with valid quotations in a day or two with 3 to 4 research supplier options.
For one of our projects, we could get a supplier who had an exact relevant category experience and within our budget.

- Anshul Dhar

Pranay Dandekar We wanted to conduct market research in one of the lesser known African country. MyMRPlace found not one but 4 local research partners and that too at almost 40% lesser price than quotes that we had got otherwise. This helped us in bidding better to our end client.

- Pranay Dandekar

Anuradha Singh As a user for last 4 to 5 projects, I have found myMRPlace to be pretty convenient. They ensure to revert back within the given timelines with quality quotes and a nice comparison good enough to make a decision on supplier quickly.

- Anuradha Singh

Aakash Bhasin We are both research supplier as well as client to myMRPlace. We have seen myMRPlace to be Fair to both supplier and client. MyMRPlace provides project leads, keeps giving transparent feedback during the process and if project is commissioned, intervenes during project execution when needed. As a research client we have seen them to be efficient providing quick turnaround, efficient communication and provide genuine supplier options for every project enquiry that we Thoroughly professional and well balanced.

- Aakash Bhasin