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Anshul Dhar We have found myMRPlace to be transparent, resourceful and very efficient. You give them a brief, they will ask a few questions and come back with valid quotations in a day or two with 3 to 4 research supplier options.
For one of our projects, we could get a supplier who had an exact relevant category experience and within our budget.

- Anshul Dhar
Managing Partner, Sixth Factor Consulting.

Pranay Dandekar myMRPlace helped us find a market research partner who had experience in the same category that we were researching and also a very reliable one. The partner did an awesome job of executing our research work and we rely on myMRPlace for all of our international research sourcing

- Smriti Singh Bhatia
Founder and Chief Visionary, Inqognito Insights

Anuradha Singh MyMRPlace remained our partner through the entire project journey. They not only helped us find the research partner but also ensured the research execution was done upto our satisfaction. Very balanced and professional. We will keep working with myMRPlace for all our market research requirements.

- Akhil Sharma
Dunzo, Quality and Strategic Initiatives Lead

Aakash Bhasin We trusted myMRPlace with a very large project across 7 countries. Apart from saving almost 100000 USD, we got a significant project execution support from the team. MyMRPlace acted as one point of contact for all communication and co-ordination. Overall, we have found myMRPlace team to be flexible, helpful and thoroughly professional. We will keep working with myMRPlace for our research outsourcing needs.

- Shray Agarwal
Quantum consumer solutions, Manager Business Intelligence

Aakash Bhasin We had a specific requirement to find an expert gamer moderator for one of our studies. MyMRPlace found us several options and also helped in zeroing down on the best one.

- Rahul Mullick
Director Insights, 4Sight Research and Analytics