CATI Market Research

Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviewing (CATI) became popular in the 1980’s, thanks to the democratization of computer technology and later, the Internet. CATI is a method of Quantitative telephonic survey, where the interviewer collects responses to a pre-coded questionnaire provided by a software application. It semi-automates process of data collection and makes it easier to store andaccess primary data.

Advantages of using CATI

CATI can cover a large sample size in a fraction of the time that it takes to conduct face-to-face Quantitative interviews and it’s a useful methodology where you want to achieve a balance between good accuracy and speed of data collection. Compared to online research methodology CATI is always an interviewer administered and that makes it more robust. With CATI you anyway avail all the traditional advantages of online data collection such as ability to use translation software, tracking of data and completion and efficiently monitoring the interviewers.

When to deploy CATI?

However CATI can not be deployed to all the situations. CATI as a methodology is useful when you have the databases available of potential respondents easily.

CATI works best for repetitive, structured, frequent data collection. The kinds of research studies that can best leverage the many advantages of CATI are:

  • Tracking studies: Market research studies where data is collected every week/ month/ quarter) are well suited for CATI. This is because the information requirements of such studies are standard, do not change too often. Data is collected every week/ month/ quarter on the same metrics and then analyzed to track how consumer responses change/ remain constant, across weeks/ month/ quarters.
  • B2B studies: Unlike respondents for B2C studies, B2B interviews are fewer in number and shorter in length. Also, attitudinally, they are likely to be more open to CATI kind of methodologies, due to their comfort-levels with Technology.
  • Diagnostic studies: These are studies where there is stimulus to be shown and responses recorded to such stimulus. Responses are captured in structured form, rather than openendeds.

How to Evaluate a CATI solution Provider

  • For evaluating CATI provider, you should understand the solution that they use, data safety and user experience that their solution offers.
  • We should look at the research infrastructure. Does the solution provider have their own telecallers? Do they hire freelancers? Will you have flexibility of start and stop the study. Will there be same freelancers working on your solution. Are the telecallers trained?
  • What ar ethe data collection protocols followed ? Those are critical to the accuracy and quality of data collected via CATI. Remote supervisor stations set up by the solution provider can help ensure QC.

Finding CATI market research companies and how we can help

In the past decade or so, the space of CATI market research providers has literally exploded. Evaluating among hundreds of solution providers is time-consuming, at times even confusing. Rather than settle for a solution provider basis price or location, it is possible to identify the most suited provider for your specific requirements. Directories like ESOMAR, Greenbook and Quirks list hundreds of CATI market research agencies. Choosing among them is a painstaking exercise in evaluating team, solution features, fit with your organization’s current I.T. infrastructure and many other factors.

How myMRPlace works

Finding your ‘best fit’ CATI market research partner is easy and swift, on myMRPlace. Here’s how:

As a buyer, you create your account within 5 minutes and post your project. You can post piecemeal requirements eg. only moderation/ recruitment/ fieldwork/ coding/ analysis OR a full-fledged market research project.

As a buyer, you create your account within 5 minutes and post your requirements. Next, myMRPlace notifies all CATI solution providers in its database, about your requirement. Suppliers typically respond within 1 working day. The platform currently hasover 800 suppliers, spread across 90 countries. Apart from currently registered solution providers, depending on the project requirement, myMRPlace team can reach out to suppliers from its 10000+ strong database of verified research companies across industries.

Once you receive quotes and choose a solution provider, myMRPlace can become your single-point platform for all your project management needs. Meanwhile, we can also do a thorough solution evaluation for you, basis agreed-upon criteria.

myMRPlace has linked over 100 solution seekers, across South East Asian, African and European markets, with appropriate CATI solution providers. Reach out to myMRPlace now, to quickly identify, genuine and competent CATI solution providers across the world.