About Us

Welcome to MyMRPlace.

We are a global marketplace for market research industry. We aim to simplify market research outsourcing for both buyers as well as suppliers.

We strive to provide fair market research transactions. We enable buyers to choose experienced and reliable research supplier. We enable suppliers to take part in more and more research project opportunities.

We create balance at both ends of the negotiation. For instance, we discourage client to choose lowest price supplier. At the same time, we advice supplier to restrain charging 'International Premium'.

We are professionals with 40+ years of combined experience in market research and technology. We hope to bring technology in various aspects of market research outsourcing. And create a better market research world in the process.

We want to create a world where our clients get unadulterated, accurate and actionable insights. Where research opportunities does not become irrelevant due to weeks and days in finding right research partner. Where fair prices are paid for good quality work. Where our research peers are well respected. Where every research question meets with an answer.

Where every quote submitted gets a feedback. Where we value each other and work like a community. We aim to unlock our collective intelligence and harness it for overall good. And all this while we create convenience and efficiency for everyone involved. We truly deliver 'Market research outsourcing. Simplified'.