myMRPLace.com is a market research platform. We help market research buyers and market research suppliers interact and transact with one another.

myMRpalace aims to help research buyers to simplify their research outsourcing process. And help research suppliers find new project opportunities.

With myMRPlace as a research buyer we can help you cut down the time in writing RFPs, Standardize your research requirements, find new research partners and document supplier performance for each project. Basically, myMRPlace will serve as your complete vendor management and project management system.

All market research projects involve one or another project component to be outsourced. In that case, as a research buyer, should we not strive to find the supplier that meets our exact needs.

As research buyer/ client

As a research buyer you can send us the Research project brief by email or login to the website. We will put it on our website and also invite research providers that has research capabilities that you seek for. Our supplier pool is vast and made up of quality research suppliers. We usually invite members of all leading research associations to bid whenever there is a relevant projet in that country. Once we get the research bids, put it into a comparative format and send it across to you. All you need to do is give supplier detailed feedback and keep us informed about the outcome of the study.

As research supplier

If you have received an email from us about a potential project, you can download the attachment. Go through the brief. Ask us any questions you might have and submit your quote on either the website or by replying the email that you have received. We will come back to you with research buyer feedback regarding your suitability as well as price once we hear back.

Click on register, choose the option of ‘I want to work as Service provider’, fill the registration form and you will be signed in. To match your expertise with job posted, you will need to fill up profile. Once inside, you should see Active bids page. You will find the list of existing jobs matching your capability in your Dashboard. Happy bidding!

Click on register, choose the option of ‘I want to hire’, fill a short form and voila, you are ready to Post the project.

We charge 5% transaction fee if you bid and win the project. 10% in case the project is from end client.

Registering and bidding for project is free and you can bid for as many opportunities as you qualify for.

We get your concern. We do not want to induce unfair or unhealthy competition in any scenario. Would you ever outsource your project to someone who is cheap but not good quality? Or Would you outsource your project to someone just because they are higher priced?

The research buyer on the other side is same as you- quality conscious and at the same time pragmatic. They will try to choose a reasonable quality supplier. Someone who has relevant experience, someone who has satisfied clients and provide testimonials. And someone who does not quote double the price than what they will quote to a local client. Take a part, go ahead and bid if you think you fit the bill.

You will agree that every business has a business development cost. Also, every business needs to cover their expenses and make legitimate profit. You have a need to reduce your business development cost and we need to cover our expenses. MyMRPlace is a win-win in that sense if you get it. We can bring more and more research opportunities to your mailbox if we survive.

You will interact directly. We ensure we do not add any inefficiency in your communication with research buyer.

You don’t need to pay anything at all. Registering and bidding for a project is free.

That depends on project needs and geography. We invite supplier based on their listed capacity on our database. We aim for providing 4 or 5 quotes to our client for each study.

Non paying clients have no room at myMRPlace. Period. We plan to introduce Escrow services in some time but meanwhile, we assure to do everything in our capacity. Non paying clients would get blacklisted immediately. If you know someone who is in this category, please write to us and we will blacklist post our own verification.

We match client projects requirement with supplier capability through a match making algorithm.

We invite suppliers who are part of either local or international research associations. This serves as a filter for someone who is serious about being in research business and someone who has promised to abide by Code of Conduct.

While registering we collect data exhaustive list of data around the firm. This data should help you sortlist your bids.

Once sort listed, you can always ask suppliers to give you references/testimonials. myMRPlace offers a free verification service where we can verify the supplier testimonials for you once you are at a stage of finalizing.

We respect your satisfaction. We do not encourage clients to post the project if they are already satisfied with existing relationships and know whom to go to. Come to us, only if you are open about outsourcing your project.

Here is the set of benefits that we think myMRPlace can offer as compared to a traditional way of managing market research outsourcing.

   1. Send Request for Proposal/ Request for Quotation with one click to multiple vendors in multiple countries.
   2. Automate a host of manual work such as supplier comparision and save your time.
   3. Make better decisions with reaching out to higher no of prospective suppliers.
   4. Keep a record of all your projects at one place.
   5. Document supplier performance instead of relying on tribal knowledge of the team.

There are couple of ways:

   1. You can type the email address of suppliers you want to invite while posting the job.
   2. There is option of ‘Bring your own supplier’, with which you can just give email address and we will ensure we get that supplier on the board.
   3. You can email us the list of suppliers and we will ensure their onboarding.